Press-conference organized by Minister of Health and Global Alliance for Health and Social Compact (GAHSC)

APCRG was invited on the press-conference organized by the Minister of Health and management of consulting company  Global Alliance for Health and Social Compact (GAHSC), with the status of pharmaceutcial industry expert organization. There were announced main principles of the pending modifiactions of the law of pharmaceutcial products in Georgia.  Management of MoHLSA has expressed the wish to  invite APCRG  for the further discussion regarding the draft of the  new law.


APCRG participation in project

APCRG starts cooperation with representatives of Twining Project sponsored by EU and
established for the strengthening of the Ministry of Finances Investigation Service. APCRG has accepted invitation to participate in the activity of the working group created for the project "Capacity Building of the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia"

APCRG sponsorhsip & participation on WHO/EFMA (WHO / European Forum of Medical Associations ) committee meeting, Tbilisi, April 23-24,2015

On April 23-24,2015 in Tbilisi (Hotel Radisson Blue Tbilisi) was conducted WHO/EFMA (WHO/European Forum of Medical Associations ) committee meeting. Event was organized and hosted by the Georgian Medical Association -GMA (Chairman of the Director Board of GMA: Professor Gia Lobjanidze ). Event was opened by Deputy Minister of MoHLSA Zaza Sophromadze

APCRG has sponsored organization of event and  Executive Director of APCRG Irakli Margvelashvili made a presentation: „Ethical Aspects of the Pharmaceutical Market of Georgia Toward Patient Safety and Doctors Independence“



APCRG Management -Board Election

On April 8, General Meeting of APCRG members have elected members of APCRG Board. Following persons have been elected as Board members:
M.Giorgobiani (Sanofi- Aventis), M. Khetsuriani (Servier),  G. Gvinephadze (GSK), M.Asatiani (ROCHE),G.Pirtskhalaishvili (Sandoz)
On the position of Board Chairman have been unanimously elected Mr. Grigori Pirtskhalaishvili (Sandoz)


RADIO SPOT "KVIRIS DIALOGI"-Participation of I.Margvelashvili on 1st Medical Radio channel MED FM 100.3 spot: medicines price changes in Georgia

Audio record of the radio sport can be found here


APCRG organizes panel session on Adam Smith Conference (February 12,2015, Moscow, Russian Federation)

On February 12, 2015 APCRG has organized panel session in Tbilisi studio and has joined  Adam Smith Conference in Moscow via skyp connection live channel. In Tbilisi studio were invited following guests: David Kiladze (General Director of the distribution company GPC JSC), George Antadze (General Director of  Georgian Manufacturing company GMP ), Zaza Chapichadze (Senior Expert from Pharmaceuticals Registration Division,  MoHLSA of Georgia), Grigori Pirtskalaishvili (Expert from  Pharmaceutical Industry). Moderator of session was Irakli Margvelashvili  (Executive Director, APCRG). Session was  organized by APCRG following the request received form Adam Smith Institute representatives who has expressed Adam Smith Conference high interest to the pharmaceutical market and pharmaceutical industry development in Georgia. Full video of panel session can be found on youtube channel on the following link




RADIO SPOT "BARCODE -"Participation of I.Margvelashvili on Georgian Public Broadcasting radio discussion medicines pricing & quality control in Georgia

Audio record of the radio sport can be found here



Here you can find document " AUDIT OF STATE  REGULATION EFECTIVENESS  FOR   DRUGS AND PHARMACEUTICAL ACTIVITY  IN GEORGIA" released by State Audit Office of Georgia


New member of APCRG -Pharmagate Caucasus Representative office

Company Pharmagate Ltd., (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)  Representative office in Georgia has joined  APCRG.


investor.ge:New Prescription Rules Will Usher in Higher Standards for Medicine

Investor.ge is the leading English-language analytical business magazine in Georgia. It is a respected source for in depth case studies, policy analysis, CEO interviews and expert sector reports for Georgian and expatriate CEOs, investors, policy makers and project managers. In Issue 5, 2014 ( October-November), magazine has published interview with APCRG Executive Director Irakli Margvelashvili. Name of the article is ":New Prescription Rules Will Usher in Higher Standards for Medicine". Full article can be read on the following link