Conference Biopharma 2023 Georgia - participation of the association

On November 7, the international conference - Biopharma 2023 Georgia was held, which was jointly orginised by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO and the Georgian Biopharmaceutical Cluster.

At the invitation of the chairman of the biopharmaceutical cluster Rati Gholijashvili, Irakli Margvelashvili, as the executive director of the association, took part and led the panel session "Phage therapy in Georgia and in the world" as a moderator.

- Chairman of the biopharmaceutical cluster, Rati Gholijashvili
- Associate professor of Iliauni, phage therapy expert, Ekaterine Tevdoradze
- Eliava biopreparations, director, Vakhtang Favlenishvili
- G. Eliava International Phage Therapy Center, Director, Davit Sturua

Photo of the event.


Selection of pharmacovigilance team coordinator

Sofiko Gvinianidze was elected by the majority of the members of the group, as the coordinator of the drug safety group created by the association. (Regulatory and PV Manager, Gedeon Richter Representation in Georgia).


Irakli Margvelashvili interview on the information portal commersant.ge

Interview of the Executive Director of the Association, Irakli Margvelashvili, on the information portal commersant.ge. The topic of conversation was: Will the state become a competitor of the pharmaceutical sector, what risks does the private sector see in the planned changes to the Law "On Pharmaceutical Activities" and "On State Procurement".

Abovementioned interview, can be found at the link.


Irakli Margvelashvili comment, on the information portal jandacva.ge

Comment of the Association's Executive Director, Irakli Margvelashvili, on the information portal jandacva.ge, regarding the assumptions of creating an artificial deficit on epilepsy medication.

The mentioned article can be found at the link


Monthly Call - IFPMA / Communicators Network Associations & Companies

On June 15th, our association participated in the online meeting of the communication group organized by IFPMA.

The following were discussed at the meeting:

- Overview of the media landscape (IFPMA's communication with the press, television, articles in various newspapers and magazines)

- WHA (World Health Assembly) Communications Assembly - (WHA activities on social networks and websites)

- Geneva Pharmaceutical Forum - Technology Transfer Event

- Launch of the #AlwaysInnovation campaign - This campaign lifts the curtain on the innovating journey, revealing the knowledge, skills, collaboration and persistence needed to turn an idea into a medicine or vaccine that brings hope to people everywhere.

- IFPMA 3-year strategy:

· IFPMA is in the process of updating its 3-year strategy, under the guidance of the IFPMA Board.

· The strategy should be an evolution, not a revolution, given the current strategy - the changing operating environment.

· An IFPMA Strategy Steering Group was established (consisting of IFPMA Board leadership; Committee and IFPMA Secretariat leadership).

· IFPMA is working with Global Counsel to implement the above process.

· The IFPMA Board intends to discuss the draft strategy at its November meeting.

- Ipsos reputation research

- Upcoming event - UN General Assembly and World Health Summit.


IFPMA eBIC34/CECO06 - combined virtual session

On May 10 and 11, our association participated in the virtual sessions of IFPMA.

At the meeting held on May 10, a presentation was made entitled Ethos in Action Workstream. In the mentioned presentation, was discussed the potential of artificial intelligence to bring positive transformations in science and society, including in healthcare. 

The member companies of IFPMA are committed to the responsible development and use of AI to discover, develop, manufacture, and deliver medicines and healthcare solutions. This is grounded in IFPMA’s commitment to improve healthcare for patients and society. In developing and deploying AI algorithms or applications (“AI systems”), IFPMA’s member companies should act with integrity to maintain the trust of patients, healthcare professionals, payors, public authorities, and other stakeholders.

The 6 IFPMA AI Ethics Principles were presented:

1. Empowering humans

2. Fairness and minimization of bias

3.Privacy, security and safety by design

4. Accountability

5. Human Control

6.Transparancy, explainability and ethical use.

These principles are intended to help IFPMA’s member companies use AI systems responsibly and sustainably in alignment with the IFPMA Ethos of care, fairness, respect, and honesty. 

Two examples of how a doctor can use artificial intelligence to treat a patient were also presented.

Finally, the priorities of the IFPMA eBIC working groups for 2023 were presented.

At the May 11 meeting, presentations of various working groups were presented. Also IFPMA's top priorities and timelines for 2023.



An event organized by the Union of Nurses

On May 10th, the American Hospital hosted a symposium entitled "Together for future nurses", which was dedicated to the International Nurses Week. The event was organized by the Union of Nurses .

The executive director of the association, Irakli Margvelashvili, gave a presentation on behalf of the association under the title: "Challenges of the pharmaceutical market of Georgia, the role of nurses in the circulation of medicines".


"Regulatory Working Group" of the Association

A permanent regulatory group was established in the association, the main purpose of which is to work on regulatory issues related to pharmaceutical products.

Sofia Fifia, from the company Novartis Pharma, was chosen by the group members as the coordinator of the abovementioned group.


The event dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the state universal health program

On March 27, under the organization of the Ministry of Health, an event dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the state universal health care program was held.

The conference was opened by the Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Gharibashvili. Zurab Azarashvili, the Minister of IDPs from the occupied territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs, addressed the participants of the meeting.

The executive director of the association, Mr. Irakli Margvelashvili, attended the abovementioned event.

Photo of the event.


APCRG - Board Election

On March 22nd, General Meeting of APCRG members have elected members of APCRG Board. Following persons have been elected as Board members:
M. Khetsuriani (Servier), M.Asatiani (Roche), M.Maisuradze (Astra Zeneca), Giorgi Gvinepadze and Kh. Ugrekhelidze (Acino Pharma).

On the position of Board Chairman, by the majority of votes, has been elected Ms. Maka Asatiani.